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About Us


Litt Sixx is a luxury artisan candle brand owned by two sisters Tyla & Tyyan. We wanted to produce a brand that represented our culture, the music we love and the luxury quality that we crave. The brand is a series of six fragrant categories, which embody a modern twist that reflects the culture. The candles are made with a premium soy blend wax and the finest essential oils. All of our candles are hand poured and tested in the USA. 

Our candles are poured into luxury matte glass vessels and luxe metal tins which epitomize our luxury quality and the urge to provide top-notch quality. After the life-cycle of the candle, all of our vessels can be re-purposed which speaks to our eco-friendly mission. Our candles produce a clean burn and create a very aromatic experience in your space.


Each candle reflects unique character properties of the specific category. We release one scent, per category, every year so you can join this journey with us in building the Litt Sixx catalog. Our brands main six categories consists of:








Throughout the year during special holidays and seasons we will also release Special Edition collector candles. Every candle released will also be attached to a curated playlist that reflects the mood and energy of the candle. We can proudly say that we didn't just want to build a candle but a brand that everyone could love and relate to.

We hope you enjoy our brand and can provide any helpful feedback.

Tyla & Tyyan

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